2022 Grand Motoring Film Festival Results

Sixth annual Grand Motoring Film Festival announces award winners, feature documentary ‘Blink of an Eye' takes Best of Show honors.

The 2022 Grand Motoring Film Festival wrapped its two day event that coincided with the Hilton Head Island Concours d’Elegance weekend.  Attendees were dazzled by short works, world premieres, and feature films that cut across genres that showcased the intersection of automotive and cinematic arts.  A number of awards were presented to top films including Documentary, Narrative, and Student film categories.  Official Selection films were screened Nov. 3 + 4 with a number of filmmakers in attendance.

The awards program was new for the 2022 event with ’Blink of an Eye’ directed by Paul Taublieb – Thursday’s headliner film – winning the coveted ‘Best of Show’ award. Producer Pam Miller was on hand to accept the trophy, Miller also took the ‘Spirit of Motoring’ trophy for her documentary film ‘Betty Skelton: Boundless’.

2022 Grand Motoring Film Festival Award Recipients:

eClassicAutos Best Narrative Short
15 Minutes

The MB Market Best Documentary Short Film
Laps of Honor – Herbert Engel

Palmetto Drivers Syndicate Best Student Film
Ferrari 250 GTO

Hagerty Drivers Club Best Documentary Feature Film
Blink of an Eye – Triumph to Tragedy

Broad Arrow Group ‘Spirit of Motoring’ Award
Betty Skelton: Boundless

Hilton Head Capital Partners ‘Independent Film Achievement’
Sunday Sunday Sunday

2022 Grand Motoring Film Festival Best of Show
Blink of an Eye – Triumph to Tragedy

More than three hundred attendees came to support the event that opened with a VIP reception at the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina. “The feedback has been tremendous, we are happy to report that the event was a huge success with record attendance, and we’re still riding the high. A big thank you to our sponsors, partners, filmmakers, volunteers, and judges. We are especially thankful for the many filmmakers who attended and participated in the screenings and Q&A discussions,” said festival founder Guy Smith.

World Premiere films screened at the festival included ‘Punters: Porsche in the OffRoad’ and ‘Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing’, plus numerous theatrical and North American Premiere screenings.

Future Events:
Grand Motoring Hangar Night at Amelia March 2, 2023
Grand Motoring Film Festival at Hilton Head Nov. 2 + 3, 2023

2022 Event Sponsors and Partners

2022 Official Selections

 ⇒ 2022 Full Schedule of Events (CLICK HERE)

15 Minutes – After getting his last chance to miraculously fulfill a 45-minute delivery in under 15 minutes, a man is forced to do whatever is possible to not be dropped.

Blink of an Eye  Headliner Film ) – This documentary chronicles racing driver Michael Watlrip’s struggles of racing 462 races without a single win in NASCAR, while in the shadow of his successful brother Darrell, before being hired to drive for Dale Earnhardt, the most feared and iconic driver in NASCAR history. Culminating with Waltrip’s first win in the most tragic of circumstances. (Headliner Film)


Betty Skelton:  Boundless  Headliner Film–  This is a story of a woman who refused to be held back by societal norms. No one – man or woman influenced the post-World War 2 transportation industry more than Betty Skelton.  Nicknamed “The First Lady of Firsts”, her success opened doors for the next generation of women to compete with men at places like Indianapolis and Daytona, fly commercial planes and eventually command the space shuttle.  

Ferrari 250 GTO:  As It Should Be Driven – The raw and pure pleasure of the 1964 Ferrari 250 GT0 as it should be driven.  The sound of the engine, the rpms peaking, tires and their grip at the limit, the driver becomes one with the car.

Ken Smith – 60 years at the Wheel  North American Premiere– We follow New Zealand motor racing legend Ken Smith as he embarks on his 60th season of motor racing. Over the season we meet his fellow racers and look back at his past achievements (3x NZ Grand Prix winner, 2 X Penang GP, Malaysian GP). Kenny is famous for helping young racers with their careers. As a surprise his most famous protege, five time Indycar champion Scott Dixon takes Kenny drifting. At 76 Kenny shows no signs of slowing down and for his 60th season he plans to race in the USA for the first time.

Laps of Honor – Herbert Engel  North American Premiere–  This film is an intimate and emotional portrait of Herbert Engel, whose life is entirely driven by his passion for cars and racing. Herbert has a unique connection to car hobby and has been a luxury car dealer for Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches and Bentleys, Aston Martins and SLs since the 1970s. His passion and love for automobiles are reflected in really every corner of his life.

Maserati Quattroporte GTS in Paris – Buckle your seatbelts, we’re sending the most elegant sport saloon ever produced down the streets of Paris.

PUNTERS: Porsches In The Offroad ( World Premiere Historically speaking, Porsche has many track and tarmac rally race accolades and just a few official manufacturer offroad honors. However when you take into accord that the amateur offroad punters without factory support, have placed well in a wide range of  race categories and overall podium finishes, you end up with a differing perspective on Porsche’s history that includes those who have modified classic and newer Porsches for at pace overland adventuring in places far beyond where the tarmac ends, and this story unfolds with the film: PUNTERS: Porsches In The Offroad.

Quixotic: Highway ViolenceA group of cool girls discover a long lost arcade game from the 80s.  Jam-packed with iconic references from the Eights and Eighties-inspired film and television like Miami Vice, Terminator, and Night Rider, along with the original racing arcade game.  Big retro-worshipping and delivers an all-star homage to Eighties and Eighties-inspired films and series.

Relentless – The Chance Blackburn Story – From the director of “GRIT” comes a new take on the sport of motocross. Presented by No-Toil Industries and Aektiv Co. RELENTLESS follows professional supercross racer, Chance Blackburn and his pursuit of success in one of the most difficult sports on the planet.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday – Two brothers inherit a 67 Dodge Dart and go drag racing. Shot on an iPhone this story is about overcoming obstacles on the track and in life. Being the slowest car at the track the brothers do whatever they have to to win.

The Gray Fox – George took delivery of his beloved Porsche 912 at the Porsche factory in Stuttgart, Germany in the summer of 1967.  He and his wife then spent 3 months on a 10 country, 6,000 mile camping trip in Europe before shipping the car back to California.  When he returned to the states, he maintained his slate gray Porsche 912 in pristine condition for 54 more years.

The life and works of Jeff Zwart  ( Theatrical Premiere In this short film, we join legendary filmmaker, photographer, and racing driver Jeff Zwart at his ranch in the Colorado Rockies to explore what it took to produce art in the golden age of advertising, and why it’s important to have a sanctuary away from the noise.

VIR REBORN: The Rebirth of American Road Course Racing –  This is the story of how this grand old lady rose from its ashes, inspired a new generation of drivers, and now stands proud as one of the finest road courses in America. More importantly it’s the story of what drives the men and women who dedicated their lives to becoming the champions of motorsports. Using the lifeline of Virginia International Raceway as our guide — names like Roger Penske, Richard Petty, Patrick Dempsey and many others in “VIR Reborn”, take you into the heart and soul of what drives the adrenalin-soaked desires of a road course racer.

When Darkness Falls – A short film that portrays Stevenson Motorsports’ efforts in the GTD class at the 24 Hours of Daytona. The film focuses primarily on the nighttime element of Daytona, and does not capture the race in a traditional fashion. Rather, it attempts to convey the deeper feelings and emotions that each team member experiences, in addition to the forces within the race car and the intensity of the pit lane.

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing World Premiere )  –  Two former racing buddies turned company men set out to create the world’s fastest four door car and prove to the public that they are not past their primes.   

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